Our Story

What is Proyecto Santo Niño?

     Hidden away on the outskirts of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico in the colonia of Anapra is a humble building that houses the Santo Niño Project. Within plain view of the United States border, a group of Catholic nuns discovered a call to serve children with special needs. Since 2003, they have crossed the border from El Paso, Texas three times a week to offer their services in a clinic built of cement, adobe and straw bale.


Who Are We?

     The team of Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati has expanded to include many volunteers: massage therapists, special education teachers, physical and speech therapists, and others who want to share their time, talent and loving service. The extreme poverty of Anapra makes every child one with special needs in education, healthcare, and housing. But the most forgotten are those with physical and mental disabilities. They are the children for whom the Santo Niño project was created.


What Inspired Us

     The Child Jesus, represented by the Santo Niño de Atocha, is especially beloved in Mexico. He is believed to travel throughout the countryside at night performing miracles. He loves to visit sick children to heal them as they sleep. Legend has it that in the mornings, the Christ Child has been found with muddy, worn-out shoes from his nightly healing adventures.